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Filipa speciailises in OTT (Off The Track) retraining of thoroughbred horses.
We want to see every horse have a successful second career with amatuer and aspiring professional riders.
Based in Bunyip, we are within a few hours of a number of racetracks and trainers, putting us in the perfect position to source and retrain the best horses coming off of tracks in Australia.
Our fantastic agistment facilities provide us and our client's horses with everything they need to reach their potential.
With more than 20 years combined experience, we are uniquely positioned to help provide our clients and their horses with a perfect match.

Our Services

Filipa prides itself on offering a complete suite of equine retraining and resale services

Off The Track Retraining


Retraining of thoroughbreds after a career in racing.

We work with high potential ex-racehorses and help them develop into Pony Club or Eventing mounts for amatuer or aspiring professional riders.

Visit our 'Horses' page to see who we are working with at the moment and express your interest.

Sales Preparation


Need to sell a horse but don't have the time to prepare them for sale, market them, pay for a photographer or speak to potential buyers?

Leverage our experience, facilities and expertise to ensure a higher sales price and less stress in the sales process.

Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Equine Photography


Wan to get the best possible sale price for your horse?

Or are you looking to attract sponsors with professional grade photos of you and your four legged partner at your best?

Filipa's media partners can offer Filipa customers fantastic rates on high end equine photography packages. Get in touch to find out more!

Our Team


April Stock


Growing up being horse mad but horseless, April was gifted an old Thoroughbred at the age of 12. Thus began her appreciation for the versatility, athletic and hard working nature of the breed. She aims to produce thoroughbreds that are safe and pleasurable mounts for all her clients with a strong focus on finding the perfect match for any horse or rider.


"We bought Caesar from April in December 2018 and can’t recommend her and Caesar highly enough. We had been through a number of disastrous attempts to buy a horse so we were very anxious about looking at another horse, especially a thoroughbred. April was fantastic through the whole process. She was sympathetic and understanding of our previous experience and did an amazing job at making sure my daughter felt safe and comfortable when coming to try Caesar. He was everything she said he was and more and we couldn’t be happier with him. April has produced such a lovely horse in Caesar I will be keeping an eye on her future horses when the time comes"

Aimee McCann

"I have known Alysha Harlen (from Alysha Harlen Eventing & Filipa Equine) since 2010 when I purchased a competition horse (Bao Beat) from her which she had re-schooled once his career had ended as a racehorse. Alysha is a very talented and extremely qualified re-trainer of ex-racehorses thanks to her reassuring and positive training technique. All of Monty’s great characteristics I attribute to Alysha’s re-training of him with a kindness and compassion that only comes from someone that loves what they do."

Charlotte Pyle

"I have had Cookie almost 3 years who was retrained by Alysha Harlen (of Alysha Harlen Eventing and Filipa Equine). Over this time I have learnt his personality, strengths and quirks. He is the kindest, most laid back horse, always loves to make friends with both horses and humans and everyone I know has a soft spot for him. His jump is incredible, always gets so excited and brave in the showjumping and cross country arenas, with rarely ever refusing or spooking to this day. His attitude to work is insane; through patience and persistence, Cookie continually works hard and loves to work hard for me to the best of his abilities, as if he knows it makes me happy."

Brooke Campbell

"Having seen the results Alysha (from Alysha Harlen Eventing and Filipa Equine) had with Gizmo, I would have no hesitation in sending horses to her for schooling or re-education.  When I first purchased Giz, I had only ridden school horses and moving onto my own horse was a daunting experience. Fortunately, Giz has been an excellent horse. His good ground manners mean he is always easy to handle and tack up. Under saddle he is tolerant of beginner riders and his established flat work meant I learnt a lot from him. Gizmo is a great jumping horse and very bold. I don't have a particularly strong lower leg and Gizmo has given me a great introduction to show jumping  and cross country."

Jonathan Humfrey

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