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Hi. We're Filipa.

Filipa is a supplier of high quality off the track retraining services and re-educated thoroughbreds.
We take pride in providing better educated, premium OTT thoroughbreds, with a focus on ensuring every horse we work with has a successful second career.
We spend longer with each horse than any other retrainer, ensuring they are sound, confident, healthy and ready to tackle anything in their new career. We also leverage our experience preparing and selling horses to help owners get the best price for their animals.
With experience eventing, showing and coaching, the Filipa team is perfectly equipped to help every horse reach their potential.

Currently In Work

Horses that are available or soon to be available for sale

eddie new


'The Pound Keeper'

Fully completed the Filipa Training Program

Now Available

heidi sand 2


'Guara Cove'

Has successfully completed the Filipa Training Program

Now Available

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